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Pro Court Portable Volleyball Set

Pro Court Portable Volleyball Set

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Net Style Name, Vinyl Color & Rope or Kevlar Cord
Boundary Size & Color
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Style #202

  • Telescoping Aluminum Poles
  • Extra Large Carrying Bag 
  • Power Net
  • Men, Women, Coed Play
  • Webbing Guy Lines
  • Non-Adjustable Boundary

Poles-  Anodize aluminum tubes; 3-section heavy-duty telescoping, 2.25-inch O.D. The poles have a 0.070-inch wall thickness for top and bottom tubes. Tubes ribbed providing extra strength and less surface area for sand or dirt to jam together. Telescope to men's, women's or junior heights with double reinforced push button locking device has a 43.5-inch closed length. Track on middle tube holds steel cam-buckle polyester strap, for quick tension of bottom net cable. The pole offers four height  settings at 99.5, 91.5, 80.5 and 77.25-inches from pole bottom. Net height can be adjusted 3-inches down with tension strap placement on the middle tube. Tubes and net can be rolled up together for convenient storage with a weight of 16-lbs.

Nets-  We offer four different net styles with this portable system. The CNR net is 32-ft long by 3-ft deep constructed from a black weather treated #27 knotted polyester 4-inch mesh netting. The net has twisted three strand 3/16-inch top and bottom ropes inside two-inch wide 13-oz vinyl double stitched tapes. Each side has a wooden 3/4-inch end dowel rod enclosed in side vinyl pocket. Four grommets with approximate 40-inch rope tie cords on each net side tape, allowing you to get great ball play out of net.

Choose the KNK net with Kevlar/Polyester top and bottom cords and a 39-inch depth Olympic size. Cord has strands of Kevlar inside and an outer core of #7 braided polyester cord. This is the best possible choice less weight and same strength as steel cable. Colors red, black, blue or white. 

Ultimate in net design, provides ball play like no other net in the world no sags or pockets! Unique independent suspension uses web straps attached to top, bottom and side bindings, you're able to cinch each part of the net separately. ULTIMATE in out-of-net, ball play!  Choose our PNR style power net, 32-ft x 39-inch constructed from black weather treated #36 knotted polyester 4-inch mesh netting. Twisted three strand 1/4-inch polypropylene top and bottom ropes inside two-inch wide 18-oz double stitched vinyl tapes top and bottom. Ends have slip in 3/4-inch wooden dowel rods enclosed in vinyl pockets, open on the top. Each side tape has three lengths of black webbing approximately 40-inch long and plastic buckle for net tension. Also included is a set of 12 Velcro net strap tie downs (not pictured).  Get the same net, but with JCPNR Jose Cuervo Tequila logo that is printed on top and bottom 3-inch tapes can also be selected. 

Webbing Guy Lines & Stakes-  Two red 1-inch polyester webbing guy lines per pole with steel cam-buckle pull-down style cinches. Nickel plated steel dee ring on end of each guy lines provides quick and secure attachment. The four heavy duty 18-inch x 5/8-inch zinc plated steel stakes, has top of stake folded over for safety. Guy line storage hand winder provided with the set. A Sand Kit is suggested for beach setup.

Webbing Boundary-  We offer two court sizes 30 x 60-ft or 26.3 x 52.6-ft (8-Meter). One-inch wide UV treated polypropylene light weight webbing boundary. One continuous length of web with four stitched web corner loops and center court markings. The two ends join together at middle on one side under the net with a side-release buckle. Four 5-inch long steel grass pegs with an approximate length of 2-ft by quarter inch thick bungee cord and small zinc plated s-hook. The suspended webbing enables the boundary to form a perfect rectangle. Will then stretch when tripped on for added safety.

Carrying Bag-  Black 6X6 denier polyester bag 53 x 13.75-inch handles, adjustable shoulder strap, full-length #8 double zipper, stake pocket and room for your ball.

Laminated illustrated directions

Limited 5-year warranty on standards, 1-year other components, except 90-days stakes and pegs.

Made in USA

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