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Outdoor Volleyball Post Collar Set

Outdoor Volleyball Post Collar Set

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Bottom Net Tension Strap
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Style #NHS

  • Institutional Grade
  • Outdoor/Indoor Net Hardware Set
  • Sand or Grass Courts

Professional volleyball net movable collar set all constructed from heavy duty schedule 40 steel pipe. The collars can be adjusted with included Allen wrench. Allowing for any net playing height; badminton, tennis and other net games. The winch, eye-hooks, and pulley are powder coated black. Your pole size needs to be 3.5-inch outside diameter. Set includes: three movable eye collars, one movable side pulley collar, one movable winch, Allen wrench and two internal aluminum drive caps that wedge into top of post making it very difficult to remove. A bottom net cam-buckle tension strap is included or upgrade to the ratchet-buckle style strap for greater tension.

Perfect for sand courts and prolonged outdoor use. You can then purchase the volleyball poles in your local area. This is the best choice, saving you dollars on shipping cost. When you order your pipe ask for 3-inch construction grade schedule 40 or 80, galvanized or black steel pipe.

Five-year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

Made in USA

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