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Net Post Winch

Net Post Winch

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Style #W9

  • Great for Wood or Steel Poles
  • Volleyball & Tennis Posts
  • 900-Lb Torque Winch
  • Features Corrosion Resistance Finish
  • Auto Safety Latch
  • Long Detachable Handle

The Standard Duty Pulling Winch is best suited for pulling applications which require the free-wheeling feature of ratchet type winches. Standard equipment includes a 7-inch mill edge steel handle with ergonomic grip. Specifications include a 3.2:1 single gear ratio, one-way ratchet with off position, a rated capacity of 900 pounds and a maximum mechanical advantage of 55. Laminated, high carbon steel gears provide for a longer life. The gears are arc-welded and the drive shaft gears are copper brazed for durability.

Five year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

Made in USA

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