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Ratchet & Cam-Buckle Net Tension Straps

Ratchet & Cam-Buckle Net Tension Straps

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Style #8L

  • Quick & Safe Sports Net Tension
  • Spring Snaps All Ends
  • Polyester Webbing
  • 3500-lbs Tensile Strength Web
  • Large Hand Loops

Home Court net straps work on any pole, wood, aluminum or steel with a eye-hooks on them. Constructed from a 1-inch red polyester webbing that has a 3500-lb tensile strength. The steel cam-buckles and ratchet-buckles have a 1500-lb tensile strength. The ratchet strap can apply upwards of 500-lbs of torque to your net cable. All strap ends have a 5/16-inch zinc plated steel spring snap. Do not see what you need, contact us we can custom manufacture a strap to your requirements.

Ratchet-Buckle Net Strap used to apply tension between top or bottom net cables and your pole eye-hooks. Approximate length of 25-inches maximum working distance. The strap can also be used in between top and bottom pole eye-bolts to tension both cables in one quick motion.

Post Tension Straps you provide the poles, eye-bolts and net, we have the device to make it tight. A pair of straps at approximate length of 76-inch maximum working distance. A cam-buckle for quick cinching and release of tension on one side of net. Other side has a ratchet-buckle for final torque. Both apply tension to the top and bottom cable at the same time.

Eye-Hook Cam-Buckle Pole Strap has a small web loop to attach to pole hook and a cam-buckle to apply tension with. A spring snap for connection to your net cable or rope, approximate 32-inch working distance.

Eye-Hook Ratchet-Buckle Pole Strap same as above, but with a ratchet.

Loop Style Cam-Buckle Pole Strap has a cam-buckle for applying tension to your net cables. You form a web loop around your pole by connecting the plastic coated flat steel hook to the buckle. The strap loops through the net cable eye and around your pole for quick tension with the hand loop provided. Has approximate 21-inch maximum working distance.

Loop Style Ratchet-Buckle Pole Strap same as above, but with a ratchet.

1-year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

Made in USA

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