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All Game Posts Standards

All Game Posts Standards

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Collar Finish & Bottom Net Tension Strap
Ground Post Sleeves
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    • Institutional Outdoor System
    • Galvanized Steel Pipe
    • Sand or Grass Courts

    Volleyball poles and hardware set with all movable heavy duty collars. They can be adjusted with an Allen wrench for multiple net playing heights or other games. All collars are manufactured from schedule 40 steel pipe. The Movable winch, eye-hook, and pulley are powder coated black or hot dip galvanized finish. Perfect for sand courts and prolonged outdoor use. The standards are a 3.5-inch O.D. by 12-ft long schedule 40 galvanized steel (.216 wall thickness) construction grade pipe. Longer volleyball posts available contact us for a quote. The internal aluminum drive caps, wedge into top of post, making it very difficult to remove. Each pole has approximate weight of 90 lbs.

    Select your bottom net cable tension strap. Constructed from a 1-inch red polyester webbing that has a 3500-lb tensile strength. The steel cam-buckles and ratchet-buckles have a 1500-lb tensile strength. The ratchet strap can apply upwards of 500-lbs of torque to your net cable. All strap ends have a 5/16-inch zinc plated steel spring snap.

    The best installation for sand court construction is to concrete your poles in the ground with no sleeves. You may select a pair of 3-ft long ground sleeves that can be encased in concrete, allowing poles to be removed for storage. Manufactured from galvanized schedule 40 steel pipe. The pipe has a welded 1/8-inch plate on sleeve bottom with a drain hole. That cover is coated inside and out with Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer and then coated with an oil base paint. The pair of sleeves include two top cover plugs preventing water and dirt from entering your ground sleeve. Constructed from steel pipe and have a welded 1/8-inch cover plate, all coated the same.

    Set Includes:
    3-Eye Collars
    1-Side Pulley Collar
    1-Winch Collar
    2-Pole Caps
    1-Bottom Net Strap
    2-Optional Sleeves

    This product has a total weight over 200-lbs and ships by truck freight not UPS. A person has to be present upon delivery to unload and be able to lift 90-lbs. You may want to consider pads that are a good investment to protect family, friends and yourself.

    Five year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

    Made in USA

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