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Game Post Ground Sleeves

Game Post Ground Sleeves

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A pair of galvanized steel ground sleeves that can be encased in concrete, allowing poles to be removed for storage. The best installation for sand court construction is to concrete your poles in the ground with no sleeves. Our sleeve will fit a round pole with a 3.5-inch outside diameter, the sleeve is 3-ft long. Manufactured from galvanized schedule 40 steel pipe. The pipe has a welded 1/8-inch plate on sleeve bottom. That cover is coated inside and out with Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer and then coated with an oil base paint. The pair of sleeves include two top cover plugs preventing water and dirt from entering your ground sleeve. Constructed from steel pipe and have a welded 1/8-inch cover plate, all coated the same.

Five-year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

Made in USA
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