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Boundary Line Peg Sets

Boundary Line Peg Sets

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Style #5S-10P

  • Heavy Duty for Months of Use
  • Steel 5-inch Long Pegs
  • Plastic 10-inch Long Pegs

Heavy duty zinc plated steel stake that is 5-inch long by .25-inch thick with closed or open eye loop at one end. The peg is used for anchoring rope, webbing boundaries and tents on grass. Item priced as set of four pegs.

A set of four 10-inch long ABS plastic pegs better suited for sand/beach play, however will work in loose soil without rocks. Not recommend for hard ground setup as any plastic stake will not last long after repeated poundings into the ground. Item priced as a set of four stakes. 

Made in USA 

30-day limited warranty against manufacture and material defects. 

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