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Ball Stop Netting

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    • Tired of Chasing Roving Volleyballs

    Using the same quality netting that is in each of our Volleyball court nets, ball stop netting provides you with a safe and convenient way of containment. You supply the wood, steel or aluminum poles to support your netting. Netting used is our #27 weather treated black polyester with a 4-inch mesh, 3/8-inch rope bound for easy attachment to a pole, cable, tree, etc... Custom made to fit your precise needs.
    The cost is .90 per square foot. Multiply length x width and enter that number as quantity required. You can only order one net and size at a time. If you want more than one net or different sizes, just add each net as a separate item in your cart. Please enter the netting size in your cart checkout window (Special instructions for seller).

    Production time can be from 2-5 weeks.

    No returns on custom items. 

    Made in USA
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