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Recreational Deluxe Volleyball Net

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  • Weather Treated Black Net
  • All Tapes Two-inch Wide
  • Knotted Polyester Netting
  • Rope Tie Cords Each Side Tape

The net is 32 x 3-ft, black weather treated #27 knotted polyester 4-inch mesh netting. Two-inch wide 13-oz vinyl, double stitched top bottom and sides. Two grommets with approximate 40-inch rope tie cords on each net side tape, allowing you to get great ball play out of net. Get the same net, but with Jose Cuervo Tequila logo that is printed on top 3-inch tapes can also be selected.

Cable and cord lengths are approximate 41-ft top and 38-ft bottom long. Rope lengths are approximate 38-ft top and 36-ft bottom. Choose from Kevlar/Polyester cord that has strands of Kevlar inside and a #7 braided polyester cord. This is the safest possible player’s choice, less weight and same strength as steel aircraft cable. Steel aircraft cable has a plastic cover. The cable is 1/8-inch and has a fixed loop on one side while other has clamps that you form loop and cut off excess cable. Twisted three strand 3/16-inch polypropylene rope top and bottom. You can all so contact us if you require a different length top or bottom cable or both ends with a fixed steel cable loop.

Custom length net available for manufacture. Final net length is approximate with a +or- of about 4-inches. Custom volleyball nets are billed at time of order and are non returnable. Production time is approximately 1-4 weeks. Nets over 32-ft require quote at a per-foot cost. Please enter the custom volleyball net size in your cart checkout window (Special instructions for seller).

All nets carry a one year limited warranty against manufacture and material defects.

Made in USA  

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