Portable Volleyball Sets

Home Court offers a wide selection of compact deluxe backyard or pro tournament systems.  Collapsible lightweight portable volleyball sets fit inside a compact durable carrying bag.  Select steel aircraft cable, twisted rope or Kevlar/polyester rope with your net for your set.  Each volleyball set includes a rope or webbing boundary. 

The standards are held up by either rope or webbing guy lines and attach to resilient steel stakes.  We keep a large inventory on hand for quick same day shipping.  If any part is missing no problem, replacement volleyball parts are ready to ship

All of our portable sets with three section telescoping poles are the same design.  With just a variation in the top and bottom tubes thickness, power volleyball net style, guy lines two or three per side and style of webbing court lines provided.  The thicker wall tubes provide a stiffer pole that is better suited for the heavier weight nets.  The thick tubes offer less pole flex/bow and have a vertical appearance when setup.  The different power nets we offer will all provide great ball play out of the net.  It is a personal choice of which net design you like.  Having three guys per side offers more stability and stops the pole from walking into center court.  The webbing boundary material stretches and adjustable boundaries allow you to get exact court dimensions, but non-adjustable have a quicker setup time and less hassle.  Want to modify one of our portable sets?  Just select the style which closely matches your needs and contact us with your request. 

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