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CLEARANCE ITEM #25: M817AS-Yellow (Short court 26.3' x 52.6') Volleyball Boundary Adjustable 1" Webbing Yellow, Sand Pegs

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M817AS-Yellow-Sand Pegs.  This clearance item is sandy and slightly scuffed.

M8 (regular short court or full beach volleyball court 26.3' x 52.6') 17 (1" heavyweight webbing) Volleyball Boundary Adjustable 1" webbing in Yellow.  4 sand Pegs and orange winder included. 

26.3' x 52.6' One-inch wide UV treated polypropylene light weight webbing boundary. One continuous length of web with four stitched web corner loops and center court markings. The two ends join together at middle, on one side under the net with a side-release buckle. Hand winder provided for tangle free boundary storage. 


Compare to new: M817NA-Yellow-Sand 


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